Some hints to live an easier life
  • People who perceive the divine as something we flow in, tend to be happier than those who see God as a distant and hard to access judge. I guess it is due to guilt and the fear on the outcome of death
  • Accept yourself as you are
  • Taking good health care
  • Feeling or being loved by your surrounding people (relatives, neighbors, etc.)
  • Not tormenting yourself with the past. There is no way to change it after all
  • Not keeping grudges
  • Being thankful for the learned lesson from who harmed you
  • Have a lifeproject and keep on pursuing it
  • Enjoying the present moment such as is
  • Not distressing with a never coming future
  • Experiencing the flow, which means getting lost in some activity one enjoys
  • Not burdening the soul with guilt
  • Not causing harm to others
  • Seeing the funny side on everything
  • Telling your problems to someone (you trust) so you can release pressure
  • Having a secure financial life. Money isn't happiness but an uncertain future or present leads to worry, which leads to unhappiness
  • Not worrying too much on what others think about you
  • Help somebody solve their problems (and expect backfire not gratitude)
  • Don't deny your negative emotions, just try to understand where they come from
  • Never mask your problems but face them constructively
  • Getting off the routine from time to time
  • Avoid self-defeating inner talk (e.g. thinking how stupid I am)
  • Take a risk, try new things
  • Share the joy of your relatives or friends success

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