This entry is for writing ideas that come out from somewhere

The brain is deceiving. It makes us think what we write is original when we took it from someone else, so comment when you find readings from some other people written as mine

Law is never above those who enforce it

-Taboo is what makes sex so exciting.
Sexualized culture spins around the mystery of prohibition, hiding within clothes, courtship, the concealed act...
Being completely free on instinct would lead to sexual boredoom.

-Get angry but think before striking
-Passion leads to insanity and violence. Without it life would be unbearable
-Little changes could make big differences. Try something new whenever you can
-Can anybody live without music?
-There is always another way to do it. There is always a completely different path

-Some of the most sour lifelessons will come from our own family

-Enjoy the trip, for there is no way back

-Reality is not chaotic but just hard to predict
The more you have, the more you want (popular saying: more you get, the more you want)
-Relax about your parents. Whatever they want, you need to lead your own life

-The fooler, the more harassing

-Don't obssess about the perfect life. This is the only one you can live so relax

-Law is never above those who enforce it