I chose this title because of a guess of mine on facebook's vision of socializing. There is no video choice anywhere. Facebook is very shy besides. It warns people of not trying to connect with others if they are not persons you know in the real world. One day I realized women love text-only chats. And they are very cautious about relating with new people. So facebook apparently is female-oriented. I read somewhere that more than 50% users are women. No surprise to me. I foretold that any social network site should be webcam-limited to survive the facebook phenomenon. Then a few days ago I find google+ and its hangouts. I confess my operating system is not capable of recognizing my webcam. So I am going to wait until I get one that works well. Until that day, no hangouts to me. Returning to my speculations, I was amazed that the hangouts thing was successful when I anticipated it would be a major issue in the realm of women. Yet google+ is growing rocket-speed. I was confused. So I checked the people in hangouts and found the answer: it seems most hangers are men. Next thing I found about google+ was a site claiming two thirds of google+ accounts are owned by men. Surprise! I really don't know how true is that. Anyway it looks like many googlers are male. If you are a single woman maybe google+ is the place.



I remember an article from the 1970's on the negative impact of automation in economics. No solution was found and things were left as they came. Now most developed countries are hitting the ground and becoming economically slow. More and more people are jobless. My guess is that not only automation is involved in the current economy's downfall. It seems World War II years were the last important techno-scientific revolution span. That happened long ago. On current time humankind is drowning in cars. To me, this is half the problem. Car factories cannot grow anymore or even survive. Building cars and parts appear to be an important segment of global economy. Some kind of tech-revolution should burst from somewhere. If not, a worldwide war might force the change with the risk of returning to past centuries after destroying the current civilization.

Automation and an economy focused on cars are the combination that leads to a failing economy from my viewpoint.

What to do with automation? There are four choices:
  • Letting things flow on their own
  • Stopping the automation progress (not likely as I see it)
  • Developing some kind of welfare-economy led by corporations
  • An unexpected correction devised by governments, companies or both
If nothing is done, the world's economy is going to deteriorate every day. A global war might arise or some kind of civilizations-collision could happen. My bet is that a sort of free income will be given to jobless people only by big corporations in the beginning. Then it should  spread to almost every company either big or small. It does not seem a good solution since nobody wants to give money away. So this free emolument should be very short if determined exclusively by the private sector. Therefore it would not boost any economical growth.

Perhaps the impulse to a change is coming from developing countries which are more free to experiment. So this means a different world with the power moving from Europe and The United States to China, India, Brazil and some other. It is already in course...

Forgive some misspelling. English is second language to me. By the way, this is not a translation from Spanish. There is no Spanish document similar to this.



Three am. Preparing some text from google docs to this blog.
I prefer docs because I can configure the document to make it
easy to read. Over here, there is little to do. But I know if am
being read or not. So I have feedback and know how successful
I am.

For now I am just saying that Honduran political scenario
becomes more dangerous every passing day. It seems the people
ruling the country are determined to destroy it. I have been
dreaming a lot of nightmares. Bad sign.

Coming soon: a translation from Spanish to a document about
happiness. Hard writing in a moment of confusion.

I am learning to spell words in English...



  • Objects of desire are those things you cannot attain
  • Objects of contempt are those you are sure of having
  • Never envy your neighbor because you do not know what kind of problems they are carrying
  • The unpredictable is worrisome
  • Immortality is the engine of human life
  • Immortality is an illusion
  • Family can be either your support or a personal hell
  • You cannot live tomorrow or yesterday, only now
  • You are what you are at this moment, not what you want to be
  • The more harm you do, the guiltier you will feel some day
  • If you are enjoying a moment (not doing wrong), keep on amusing and save the memory
  • If you cannot change it, do not fight it. Maybe it is time to move or approach it in another way