Social networks of tomorrow

    A few ideas on how could be the future of communication:

  • Online networks will evolve to cellphone-always-connection (gross?)
  • Other devices such as Google-glass will ease the experience
  • Spoken interfaces displacing keyboards
  • Batteries seem to be the great challenge
  • People are going to exchange now-pics, now-videos
  • Some will get some money for experiencing the outdoors for others who can't or do not want to go outside
  • Many freelancers working from body-attached devices
  • Criminals will specialize at intercepting data from those connections
  • People carrying a small keyboard with screen for transcriptions, but devices will be spread through the body
  • Video calls are going to be the norm
  • Devices will monitor the health of the user
  • 24/7 online doctors
  • Public services will be served online, and office-work will shrink to a minimum
  • There is going to be some kind of escort services to offer company anywhere-anytime you ask, so crimes and legal issues will arise
  • People being paid for having fun while connected
  • It will be an economy of entertainment, even for blue collars
  • Artificial intelligence avatars as people's companion
  • Laws will evolve a lot for adapting to this new world, particularly regarding online-love-contracts (relationships)
  • Governments' struggle with all the power cumulated by always-connection corporations
  • There will be a surge of always-connection startups
  • The emergence of the Internet of things could crash all the system