Warning: This document has no scientific or counseling purpose. If you have any problems seek professional help. Translated from Spanish, so it is not the best English style I could try.

When you remember what you dream, it means that you had a bad sleep, or you did by the day. Dreams can be fun because they have very little structure and seem too real. I usually enjoy recalling a nightmare. What makes them something terrible is the emotional dark aspect in which they operate. Sometimes I dream of dangerous things and I have seen them as an adventure film. The emotional side of the dream is what determines whether or not it is a nightmare. It's like the background music of movies. I've seen entire television series that teach you how to interpret dreams. I have tried to follow those ideas. And I got a bit unstable. I believe that dreams are the most common way the subconscious thinks. It's a fairly chaotic and disorganized thought process. I guess it helps you find creative and unexpected solutions to everyday problems. This thinking is hidden while you're awake to avoid being confused. I imagine that the preconscious is some kind of evaluator of the subconscious processes, which compares these with your daily activity. And when it finds something interesting, throws it in the form of spark or intuition: Finally got it! How I had not noticed that before?! The fact is that dreams should not be remembered. And when that occurs, you must be alert because it means that something important is happening in your world. I think the preconscious sends you the whole video of the dream or nightmare, raw and unedited, to warn you that there is something requiring urgent attention. And that the preconscious is overwhelmed and cannot find a way to solve it. It can be a health problem or conflict at work, maybe you are about to get fired and you're missing signals. It might be many things. The key is to take the dream or nightmare as a warning to check what is going on around or inside you. But the dream itself should never be interpreted. Why? Well, once the dream is installed in your aware mind, the subconscious registers it as an event that happened in reality. When analyzed consciously, it is reinforced. The subconscious puts it back into its blender of disordered processing. And creating chaos in something that was already chaotic, does not produce good results. Maybe you'll just get emotional instability or disconnection from reality. Besides, putting yourself to interpret dreams, you can reach tons of different conclusions. And end up more confused than if you did not attempt to analyze them. If you want an objective interpretation of a dream, you should find a psychologist who specializes in this area. If not, you'd better check around you and within you, to see how things are changing.

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